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nikki Uncuffed

I'm a bit late however 5 META tags I'm writing for a blend of new and old articles are: 

1. Foundation I Hate You 

2. Vegetable Leather 

3. A Love Story 

4. Stripper Shoes, Your On Time Out 

5. Dollar Stretching 

Does anyone know where to insert the META tags and keywords after we have orchestrated them? I comprehend how to, just am unclear on what to do with the information afterward. Also, does anyone know how to reach the instructor directly? Or Erika maybe you can answer me? 


I literally just launched my fashion and lifestyle blog today. I went through a bit of layout changes and name changes but the current feels the most like me. Being as though I am super new (to my own blog, I have blogged for various companies and editorials) I'm super excited for this course. 

There are various aspects I am still working on implementing (i.e. 'About Me' image, email subscription, etc.). Currently, there is an illustration for the 'About Me' image that my sister whipped up. I think I want to fuse the current illustration into another section of the blog; I absolutely love my sister's drawings. 

My site is: 


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