nightfall stories

Hi there! 

Thank you Maria for this great class! It was really nice to see and hear about your process and settings! 

I just photograph as an hobby and I focus more on film photography. For this class project I thought I'd share some old and new pictures with different feel. Most of those have been captured with my smartphone, so the quality isn't super sharp but it does add a nice grainy touch sometimes, I think! 


l e g s 

This is one of my favorite picture. It has been taken in the NYC subway at Union Square. As I was waiting for the subway to arrive, I could see those legs passing by and the movement was very hypnotic so I thought I'd capture this moment. In terms of edit, I've contrasted the hell out of it and made the yellow of the sidewalk pop out a little bit more. 


t a m b o u r i n

Another one that I like a lot from my trip in NYC was taken at a dance jam session in Coney Island. The sun was slowly setting and this little girl was dancing in front of me and a guy was playing with a tambourin. I was really happy that my picture captured both of these energies as well as the general vibe. I also played with the saturation to give it a more 'sunset-y' look and added contrast. 


R o c k  o n

This third picture was taken during D'Angelo's concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival. This guy in front of me kept moving his arms and being so cheerful. Luckily I caught the moment where he did the 'Rock N Roll' sign with his hands. 


t h e  c l a p  m o t i o n 

The last one was also during a concert. It was J-Cole concert and the crowd was on fire. I love capturing the clapping motion during concerts because the movement bring some cool energy to the shots sometimes. Here I like that it is a bit blurry which shows that it was capturing movements. For the edit I played with the colors of the spots. When I took the picture the spot were blue-green so I tried to play with these colors for the entire shot to catch that sort of 'nostalgic' vibe. 


Let me know what you think. What looks cool, what doesn't. I don't show my pictures a lot, except on my flat's walls haha, so it's nice to have a place to get some feedback. I'll try to do more low light film photograph and post it as well.

Thank you :-) 


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