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Leslie Schmidt

Artist, designer, quilter



night garden

I make quilts, which means I am constantly looking at fabrics, often loving one pattern or another but wishing it was a little more scaled up or down, more blue or less green, or what-have-you. Having worked as a print designer for many years, I finally realized that what I really wanted was to be able to make my own fabric. I appreciate Bonnie’s opening with the quote about self-doubt, I’ve found myself returning to it as I’ve been working the past week on this group of designs, pushing myself to finish them, even as I fumbled around second-guessing everything and my abilities throughout the process. Happily, I am pleased with the final results and with how much I learned—particularly about editing and focus. Thanks, Bonnie!

About the collection: Years ago, I read a magazine article about moon gardens and have been infatuated with the idea ever since. Created with silvery, reflective plants that “glow” in the twilight, as well as those rare flowers that bloom only at night, I thought nothing could be more magical or romantic. I currently live in a small apartment in Brooklyn with no outdoor space. This collection was my way to vicariously construct a moon garden of my own.

For my moodboard, I pulled images that I felt evoked the feeling I was after, rather than literally referencing flowers or gardens. I wanted to explore a more organic design aesthetic, something more impressionistic than literal.


I've been working as a designer for so long that I tend to reach for a mouse instead of a pencil or brush. I just jumped right into Illustrator and started working away. My process tends to look something like this as a result:


My finished designs collected here:


And some mock-ups of a quilt design, throw pillows, and children's clothing:




And the full repeats:








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