@nicollcrusade - student project

Hi, these are some of my photos. I am architecture student, I like analog photography, collect vinyls and like aesthetic simple pictures. I'm trying to mix my passion for architecture with art and then some pictures of me. @nicollcrusade - image 1 - student project

this is analog photography from Madrid, I like this angle better because it gives the photo depth.

@nicollcrusade - image 2 - student project

I like the little details on skin.

@nicollcrusade - image 3 - student project

some architecture details from Vienna.

@nicollcrusade - image 4 - student project

once in a while I like to mix some black and white shots into my grid, Actually this is the first tima I see this shot so big, I see the mess on the right, that's not good, but I like the shadow and the contrast of light and dark.

@nicollcrusade - image 5 - student project

this is example of simple shot of art I guess

I tend to use faded colors.