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nic-nic on the beach

When I think of picnic, I think….  beach, blanket, snacks and bubbly.

My most memorable picnic was when my husband proposed to me. We were going on a roadtrip and one of the stops was Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach. It is a beautiful secluded beach with the most amazing sunset views. Anyways, make a long story short, my husband had secretly planned a beach picnic and proposed to me. It was a gloomy day, but shortly after I said, “yes” the sun came out and It was such a beautiful moment.

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joy, excitement, fun, fantastic, delicious, roadtrip, champaign, love, beautiful, sunshine, sand, clouds, rocks, stairs, surprise, happy, picnicky, dreamy, yellow, ocean blue, beach house, laughter, smiles, watermelon, life, giggles, sparkle.

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