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Annton Beate Schmidt

artist & designer /owner of Atelier Schmidt.



next round to the before & the after, to the bed.

We're actually at the end of this class and I have to say, I will definitely miss this creative crowd.

Thank you, for all the inspiriation and the amazing feedback. And thank you, Justina, for this class, for your wonderful videos and the smile you have put on my face, while I was working on the projects.

If you, which I would really love, would like to stay in contact with me, you are most welcome to visit me on, like or follow me on Twitter under @tinyfishbowl. I hope to meet you somewhere out there. Until then, have the most wonderful Spring (or Autumn!).

Before & after images of the Fishbowl.

We, the husband, a Labrador called Emma and I, live in an old shop in the middle of Berlin, called the Fishbowl. In the front, there are my studio and our office spaces and in the back you'll find our kitchen, the living room and a tiny bedroom.

Sofa & Coffee Table 

This room is probably the most neglected one in our place, despite the fact that it is used a lot. I do like the colors of the wall and the white painted floor (though the last one is so not convenient, as we live on ground level and it is always cold on the feet), as well as the old Danish sofa by my grandmother and the shelving system from the sixties.

But the room always feels kind of bland and undecided to me. Something with the color scheme, the shapes or whatever, I didn't manage to really put a finger on it yet. One problem might be, that we barely have natural ligth in there. During the winter, without leaves on the trees, it works, but in summer we live in a backyard jungle. Wich is nice and private to some parts, but definitely lacks a good dose of sun.

Coffee Table before

Coffee Table afterwards

Coffee Table & Couch (round two)


The things I am struggling with in the living room are heaven to me, when it comes to our bedroom. It is small, simple, reduced to the essentials and it is hidden behind green bushes. To sleep in here, is a bliss. The room only needs a bit of color, for my taste.



And here is the last assignment for the course. Once again, much more colorful than I would have ever expected from myself. But what can a woman do, when there is suddenly Spring out there. Right? I had a lot of fun doing all of the projects; having a few further ones in my mind already.


Did I say, the console had been tough? Little did I know about shelves by then. So, here we go. To be honest, my book shelves usually do not contain anything else but books. So, this has been a real challenge. What do you think?

Bookshelf before

Bookshelf after


The console (on the left) is actually an old dresser, we have put on wheels and which functions as a  multiple piece in my studio. Most of the time, it will give me some privacy towards the big shop windows, while painting. During Open Studio days it is the showcase for prints, postcards and all the little designs we'll offer our visitors to purchase. And finally, during our monthly studio dinners, it is the bar.

While turning the dresser into a bar is easy, I have always struggled with it's day-to-day style and have not come up, with something more creative than flowers on top. Showcasing our little sales, I find equally tough. Very often I end up far too cluttered or a bit boring.

Console as a display for little design things at the Fishbowl

This one has been rather tricky so far. I'm not sure about the outcome, actually, and it would be really great to hear about your opinion. If you have any thoughts on this, they're most welcome and absolutely appreciated.

(thank you to the husband, for climbing that chair.)

When picking out a picture for the 8 Principles of Styling, I kind of found myself getting a bit overwhelmed by all those wonderful choices, and I ended up with this rather crisp picture of a fireplace. It's simplicity simply had me drawn into it and now, I cannot let go of the idea, of having this place all to myself. At least for one day.

Needs - Of course, it's having a place to lit up a cosy fire.

Shapes - As clean as the design looks, it has sharp lines, like the mirror frame, as well as those soft and round iron edges.

Color - The leading white creates a perfect clean backdrop for the vintage pieces.

Pattern - A mixture of elegant, tender patterns, like the ornaments on the fire place, the mirror frame or the lines of the floor.

Texture - The patch of concrete adds a little roughness to the rather feathery atmosphere, which I really like (as you might see further on, I have a thing for rough floors).

Placement - The banjo, oh yes, it doesn't sit in the most practicable place. Close to the fire, it will probably be there for the shoot only, but hey, I don't mind. It gives the image something of a rockstar style. And the placement of the little photograph feels totally natural and meant to be.

Bling - The mirror simply shines for me.

Botanicals - The little flower arrangement brings a pinch of bright light and sunshine.


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