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As a writer (who hasn't written in some time), this blog is my jumpstart back into writing and editing. What I like about producing my own blog is the total creative freedom I will have. Now if I can only get myself going... 

  • develop content for potential employers/clients (I need a job!)
  • creative outlet
  • to teach what I know and learn as I go



  • female or male
  • 20s and 30s
  • $20-40k/yr
  • amateur to expert home cooks
  • earlybirds and breakfast enthusiasts


  • thoughtful with a touch of romanticism
  • values beauty and simplicity
  • a little quirky
  • believes breakfast can make or break you day

Who is this person?

Let's call him/her Jordan (a unisex name). Jordan loves to see the moon before bed and at waking, seeing the city on fire at 6am when the sun hits the buildings just right, a mysterious morning mist, waking up to a cat by his/her side, etc. Jordan knows the start of an inspired and productive day begins early with a cup of coffee and eggs, or tea and a croissant, or juice and an arepa, or espresso and bagel (of course, I could go on...). Jordan is a daydreamer, fatasizing about life in the country though he/she might live deep in the city. Jordan's core values were heavily influenced by Thoreau. 


  • eclective - random = curated
  • simple - boring = deliberate, thoughtful
  • artsy - pretentious = inspiring
  • clever - "dorky" = quirky
  • revealing - uncomfortable/awkward = personal
  • progressive - self-righteous = compassionate


  • I want to maintain an average of three posts per month in 2014. 
  • I want to be linked/mentioned in another online publication within the first 3 months.
  • I want at least one piece of ad space sold in 2014. 
  • I want at least one editorial job/internship/client from work on this blog during 2014.

Brand Statement

New Yolk City is a quirky, thoughtful, and inpsiring blog, focused on providing content about the morning & breakfast to creatives, amateaur cooks, and early birds so that I can help reveal the beauty of a brand new day, meanwhile building my own editorial and design portfolio. 

Content Pillars

  • Engagement -  recipes, product and cookbook reviews
  • Evergreen - inspirational words, images, stories about the morning
  • Events - holiday cooking, inspiring events 

Publication Channels

  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify (mix tapes!)

Publication Frequency

I'll post (at least) once every 10 days.

Roles and Responsibilities

All me, with help from my designing boyfriend Jose. 

Project Flow

  • Publish = 0
  • Content Revised = -1
  • Content Proofread = -2
  • Draft Written with Images = -3
  • Content Calendar Submitted = -10


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