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Danielle Marcos

Localization Professional




Welcome to the web application nameCATCHER!!! 

I don't know about you... but I can be pretty bad at remembering peoples names and or names of places/events, etc. (especially if I'm in a group setting and/or have had a glass or two of wine) ... On the other hand, some of you may be of the type that remembers names, but not their faces. With nameCATCHER you will no longer forget peoples names and/or places you been to and/or where you met... With the pinterest feeling this course has taught me to build I will hopefully give my application the capability to create groups, categories and preferences within your profile ie: (parties, work, trips, etc) and pin their names up and jot down when and where you met them. It is a form of an organized post-it collection!

I wanted to make something fun for my first web application built with my beginner knowledge of RoR.

Hope you enjoy it :) 

Stay Tuned! and in the meantime, go on and try not too forget too much...



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