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naim brand clothing®

Brand Name: Naim Brand Clothing®

About the name - Naim Brand Clothing® is a wink and a nod to the brand name world of Streetwear. It pokes fun at what a brand name really is. Just that, a name, a flag, or a symbol attempting to resonate with a certain demographic who has certain likes and dislikes. Over time a brand can represent more. They can represent quality, they can build trust with a consumer. They can bring together a group of people who share the same interests. But at it's core, on paper, it's just a name to help push a product, the rest is marketing. 

So we want to cater to those that are over it or just don't care. They just want something dope to wear, to stick out from the crowd a bit, get the girl, and to be the envy of every man in the entire world. We just want to give you something cool to put on your back and help form your own identity.

Target Demographic: 18-35 year old male

Slogan: Organically Grown, Internationally Known

About the slogan - This is a tie in with both our concept as well as our Icon Logo. It's where we started as the small fish, and currently are. One small seed of an idea with no backing and one man behind the brand. To where we want to be in the future. It also represents essentially what makes something name brand, being internationally known. It represents the dream big mentality.

About The Big Fish Icon Logo:

The big fish about to eat the little fish is a well known metaphor and symbol that most people can relate to in many aspects of life. Our goal is to always maintain the little fish mentality, while constantly striving to be the big fish. We want to stay hungry, stay fresh, and always be moving forward.

Brand Logos:

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Proper Logo Scaling, Placement, Colors, and Fonts:

Naim Brand Clothing Wordmark Logo

Naim Brand Icon Logo

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