nEat and Clean

I will be quite busy the rest of the week, so here's my submission. First some of my notes around the target audience, then campaign idea and an image.

nEat and Clean

What needs does it fulfill: 

  • It saves time
  • Makes cleaning easier 
  • Makes cleaning less messy
  • Less waste (both water and the product itself). Swiffer is disposable and thrown away after use. 

The promise: 

nEat & Clean is the first self cleaning mop on the market

Busy people
People who don't have a cleaning person (so probably not very rich people)
Probably early 20s to late 30s (people who are starting out with jobs and family)

Where will I reach them: 
On the way to and from work (during the week)
Running through the parks (on weekends) 


How will I promote it? 

Using Clean Advertising (http://www.curbmedia.com/what-we-do-clean.asp), the message of the campaign will be washed into the dirty surfaces of the city where the target audience travels. 

I will hit bus shelters, parking lots and parking houses and busy streets. As well as creating messages, I will also leave clean strips of surface that will stand in clear contrast to the dirty street around it. There will be sweepers (that also belong to the nEat & Clean family) strategically around the city (in/near bus shelters, leaning against the car in the parking lot etc.), close to the messages, that will be free for the public to bring home. 

Street cleaners will be hired to use the nEat & Clean to clean the streets with. They will be doing this in areas near where the free equipment and clean ads are.

When you've swiped the floor, our job begin
nEat & Clean

Let us clean that mop for you
nEat & Clean

The campaign will be supported by a website that provides more, in-depth information about the product. A sticker with webadress and message will also be stuck to the shaft of the  sweeper


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