mystical japan landscape

mystical japan landscape - student project

This was a fun class!!!

Living in Japan for over 2 decades made me want to give it a try!

mystical japan landscape - image 1 - student project

These were the color testing i did to see which colors fit the mood i wanted.

Eventually i chose Quinacridone coral, Ultramarine finest, Aussie Red Gold, make grays with the coral im using and add Cobalt Green, for the sky Shadow violet and finally the sandy area with yellow gold from gansai tambi.

mystical japan landscape - image 2 - student project

This is a rough sketch of what I wanted to paint.

mystical japan landscape - image 3 - student project

This is the final. Somehow the three primary’s looked good side by side, the shadow violet skies didn’t particularly work with the primary’s. Also the paper wasn’t forgiving that I day to work quickly.


mystical japan landscape - image 4 - student project

I edited a bit with my phone for this one!!!


Miwa Healing Watercolor
Urge to paint paint and PAINT!!!