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Elaine Niyama

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myself card

Ok... I will say that I started to watch the classes but could not really focus. Then, I just forgot about it and never came back, really. Fate played with me, and I got employed - one of my very first tasks was to redesign my bosses' business card! I tried many different layouts, sizes and even material! In the end, because of a number of different reasons... It's not that much better or worse than before. It was already good, and I just added a new pattern that the last designer created. I felt kinda frustrated. So now, I'm gonna take this more seriously. I hope.

So... As a little start, I got a logo I made for myself yeeeears ago, using my initials... Even making it while I was just an architect and graduating in Design just recently, I just can't tell if is it good enough or what. But since it's a start, I think it's ok.

These are my first trials.


For some crazy reason I did my evolution of the card but didn't post it. 

So... here it is! I did it with front and back this time, using the tips from the comments! BTW, thanx, guys!


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