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Hannah Robinett

Founder & Designer, mynlyn




My name is Hannah Robinett and I'm a conceptual & minimalist artist living in Brooklyn, NY. I'm creative by day as a designer at a tech startup and creative by night as a minimalist jewelry maker.

In June 2013, I was craving a fresh creative outlet as an artist. After much debate, I made the plunge and bought a 3D printer (Makerbot! woot woot). I think it is one of the best purchases I have ever made because that is when mynlyn was born. Mynlyn is art that you wear. My art has always been about the process and that has definitely continued in my work as a jewelry designer.

Mynlyn is unique because each piece is going to be a limited edition - yes, just like a work of art! My goal is to launch my store in Fall, 2013.

Exciting news! You can now sign up for the mynlyn mailing list at to be the first to hear about the launch.


Brand Name  

In thinking about the name for my company, I knew I wanted to combine something with the words minimal and Brooklyn. I love all things minimal and not only am I all about Brooklyn, one of my goals for my company is to create everything here in the beautiful borough of BK. After many variations and brainstorming sessions, I decided to go with mynlyn (min-lin).


Slogan  --  Updated Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Would love to know what you think of these working slogans and icon ideas.

1. Be unique. Be minimal.

2. Minimally designed. Minimally produced.

3. Uniquely minimal.

4. The most beautiful canvas is you. 

5. Exhibit art on yourself.

6. More than just jewelry, it's art.

7. Minimally designed. Limitedly created.

After a lot of thought and great feedback, I decided to go with #7 since it explains what mynlyn is best - minimally designed jewelry, produced in limited editions.


Icon  --  Updated Wednesday, August 7, 2013 

Icon & Accent Color  --  Updated Friday, August 2, 2013

Now that I think I've settled on an icon, I would like to find an accent color that goes well with my brand. Before this moment I've just been using black and gray which I really do like - but feel I need 1 other color for accents for the website, packaging, etc. Here are a few ideas I've come up with so far:

Purple Hue
The first color that came to mind was a soft purple. To me, the light purple stimulates nostalgic feelings and the deep purple evokes royalty. My one dilemma with the lighter purple though is that it does come across rather feminine. 


Peach Hue
I like the calmness and softness of the peach hue. I tried playing around with a bit darker version as well, which came close to a burgundy color. I just want to be careful this color doesn't come across too dirty.


Teal Hue
The freshness of teal has always attracted me. It's very sophisticated and soothing. I tried to come up with combinations that reflect a unique shade of both greens and blues. 


Style Guide --  Updated Saturday, August 10, 2013

Now that I have finalized a logo, I've put together a style guide to help keep the mynlyn branding consistent.


Extra Credit: Show Scaled Versions of Your Logo  --  Updated Thursday, August 15, 2013

A mynlyn jewerly box and bag.


A mynlyn shop.


A mynlyn mural.


Extra Credit - Apply Your Brand to a Car 

Thinking about what my brand would look like on a car was a fun challenge! Would be cool for mynlyn to be driving around in a Kia someday :)



Target Market and Pricing
Mynlyn's potential customers are women of any age with a passion for art, have an interest in fashion, and prefer simple embellishments over drastic details. I anticipate the age group being between 25-60.  Pricing for mynlyn's pieces vary greatly depending on material and quantity of the edition. For example, editions of 15-25 will range between $50-$325 and editions of 1-10 will range between $75-$2,000. 


Theme & CAD Designs  --  Updated Thursday, August 15, 2013

Experimenting with some ideas for the theme/concept for my first collection. Right now I am intrigued with this idea of "New Heights" and what that means to each one of us. Below are some jewelry design ideas I've been playing around with.  Do you feel they reflect this idea conceptually? Would love your feedback!

Pinnacle (in black nylon)


Pinnacle (in bronze plated matte)


Continuous (in black nylon)


Constant (in white nylon)


Constant (in stainless steel)






To keep up with mynlyn's future, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.  


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