mynightCap - Nightclub Discovery App

mynightCap - Nightclub Discovery App - student project

mynightCap helps you solve the age-old question of,  "Where should we go tonight?"

By providing users with real-time information about the hot spots nearby, mynightCap takes the guess work out of clubbing, bar-hopping or just lounging. 


The Players:

  • Party Patrons
  • Venue Owners/Promoters


Selfish Reasons "The Players" would need their contacts to join: 


Party Patrons - The mobile app is built around user engagement.  The more contacts a user has using the app, the better the user experience. For example, if a user is trying to make plans for the night, he would want to quickly see what his friends have already began planning.  Users who enjoy procrastinating, can quickly find out where their friends are currently partying (and whether those venues are worth the trip). The more contacts a user has using the app, the more information the user will have at her fingertips.


Venue Owners – Venues are ranked in real-time by user input (check-ins, recommendations, etc.), with the most “poppin’” venues appearing first on the home page of the app.  Naturally Venue Owners would want their venues to appear first, capturing the users who have yet to decide where to spend their money for the night. Therefore, Venue Owners will encourage their patrons and contacts to check-in and rate their venue positively.


Revenue Models


Party Patrons:

a. Promotional offering from Venue Owners from which we will collect a commission. Unfortunately, party patrons are too familiar with waiting in lines, paying outrageous entry prices & bottle services prices.  Our offers will help alleviate this problem.

b. Nightlife specific ads {{thinking liquor brands and major local venues}}


Venue Owners/ Promoters:

a. Charge for specialized listings and promos.

b. Fee for access to venue statistics

c. Fee to offer geo-location push notifications to users