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myNetwork is like Napster for contacts; download the app and get access to your friends' contacts.

Potential Pitfalls:

Privacy - Who has control over what contacts can be shared? Do I want my contact info spread to everyone? 

Monetization - How do you make money off the product? Freemium? Ads?

Abuse of contacts - Will I get a lot of sales calls? Will my number be given out to large amounts of people?

Value added - What does this service provide that texting, Facebook, and Linkedin do not provide?

Potential Solutions:

Privacy/Abuse of contacts - Hide the number, only give users' names. Everyone who signs up for the app has certain privacy specifications that they can set. The user can see who they have access to - can have access to the contact for a limited time (1 text, 1 hour etc). After elapsed time the recipient can reject or accept contact sharing. Only upon accepting will the hard data be transferred to the users phone.

Monetization - Data will be generated and leveraged - how exactly to leverage this is not of crucial importance initially.

Value added - Facebook/Linkedin are cumbersome to search for friends of friends contacts, who might not share information. Better privacy controls.


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