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Making Healthy Habits Rewarding... 

A mobile-first corporate wellness program that coaches employees towards a healthier and happier lifestyles. 

1) Accept Health Challenges

2) Record your progress

3) Get rewarded

We offer users easy and fun ways to be active and organized; while offering employers better ROI on their wellness spending with targetted campaigns and rewards. We also have positive financial impacts through reducing absentism and improving mental health. 

Our prototype,, is a simple version of our envisioned app. 7 companies are piloting this version in July; and we are signing up more companies for paid pilots for August and September. 

The pilots are priced at a discount at a per employee monthly basis for up to 3 months. The annual cost of the program is between $1,000- $50,000 depending on the number of employees that participate. 

We currently have engagement rates of 71% and our content is approved by trainers, nutritionists and lead researchers from McGill University.


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