my workspace

my workspace - student project

This is how my deskspace looks:)


learn Korean and improve my art 


1) For learning Korean I have a dedicated time that is 4 pm but sometimes I am too overwhelmed to start so I watch an episode of k-drama which reminds me why in the first place I decided to learn Korean and then do 1hr Korean class and reward myself by watching another episode.

2)For improving my art; I don't force myself to paint all the time but what I do is whenever I am bored I just sit on my desk and open my sketchbook and draw anything maybe also play a youtube video of someone else painting and once I am in the process of painting I write things I need to work on fir eg) I can draw eyes well but I can't draw noses so the day when I am bored I will just dedicate to drawing noses, also scrolling through Pinterest to see others creations and get inspired.

I do have so many other goals like learning to play ukulele, guitar and I have started a bullet journal, kpop journal, and an art journal. 


THE BEST TIP THAT HELPS ME MAINTING PRODUCTIVITY: is taking breaks and giving myself rewards.