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my work from mood board: obscured dreaming

1/28 Photoshoot based on MoodBoard.

My moodboard was based on dreaming. but I wanted to add some obstructions. Like the gal under the couch cusions, I wanted the shot to have an appearance of pressure. I also wanted to incorporate some obscuring of my subject somehow. I was compelled by the obscured faces and bodies. I like the layering of having things blocked: the foreground blocks the subject, the midground blocks the background and it all unfolds one by one. I loved this idea of layering and wanted to incorporate it. I also wanted some moody lighting high contrast. I used a single remote strobe off-camera set to various zooms and strength to offset the brightness of the setting sun.

Looking at our awesome group boards inspired me to post some of my work on this as well. I have been fortunate in having a great studio to work out of that I've been able to use my "dreamagination" to bring some ideas to fruition. Some are from collections and some are just shots of friends doing the zany stuff they do. I'm really wanting to try to shoot strangers on the street, or people i meet during my day in and out. But still have some fantasies I want to create first. I have been really focused on architecture for many years, and in the past year of working with people, I am starting to really have a blast getting to know people from behind my lens. I've found it to not only be a creative outlet, but also very intimate, and oddly architectural!

The following groups are from a collection I am working on based on fears of being on the brink of change.

1. "The Nothing" - having your imaginations devoured and you don't even realize when they disappear.

2. Atomic queen - fear of the terminal atom-splitting flash.

3. "Oberon" - The wrath of mankind's detrimental footprints on the natural world.

The next bit are promos for 2 jazz/Blues singers' concert "Bawdy and Soul":

The following are just some other random portraits I've done:


Theser are some of the shots that Inspire meright now.


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