Cecile Noldus

Animation Artist



my wild family

This week I visited my parents, and I finally made some time to practice my own exercises!

I wanted to see if I can create characters with very little material. So I took a piece of paper and a black marker, and drew some forms and cut them out. Then I looked in the apartment and found a newspaper, dutch liquorice and wool. And I started playing...


I also found an old picture of mine and I created a character from myself!


Me with new legs!

Here are some more creatures: 


The black and red liquorice inspired me for a bird nose, a beak. So this is my cock creature. 


Liquorice as a mouth and newspaper as a body


Than I ate a dutch speculaas cookie (yes I am dutch:-) ) and I saw this little monster taking the package as its new home!


My parents have a lot of walnuts , so I cracked one....arghhh!!

You see, you don´t need much to create funny characters! They are everywhere!


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