my turning point


I remember when I lost my dog, that I was really depressed and very sad. I just want to lay down on my bed but that realized I need helped a lot. So I told my mother, that I need helped. She took me to this place that had groups there. I spend a couple night there till I got back up on my feet and realize I was doing better that when my turning point came in my life. So I have a new puppy now and I have started potting training him. So I am do a lot better, but I am still going to groups and now I am going to church is another turning point that Jesus came in my life two Mondays ago. I am still searching for the right life groups that I can hang out with Jesus doing it for me.  So I like the life group I went to yesterday was fun, and amazing. I learned a lot of stuff there. They do amazing things there and I accomplish a goal with a big group and it when it was amazing.


I want to tell you about my major turning point about my church experience so I was dress really adorable, and shy. But I went to a life group and I was shy and realize it was good for me and I had fun. I was just get to know people and talk to different people. I had a lot of fun there. They do fun stuff and realize I want to explore couple more and see which one  I like. So I am also take alpha course two Monday ago I had a life changing experience, that god came in my life that night. So last Sunday, I went to church and god settle me down. I am also helpful that I suggest an idea for the church. It was a miracle experience to me. So I am follow god steps and want to share with you the kindness of help you find god to peace again.  I want to help a lot of people, try to find god in your heart. So please take a minute and pray for everything. He needs to have a relationship with you every day.


My major turning point was when I experience Jesus two Monday ago. I was picked up by my sister and realize I couldn’t sleep. Then I pray the prayer that they taught us in alpha course. It work that night by heart was going fast and I did not know what was going on.  So I wrote my friend and ask her what going on and she said Jesus came into your life. I pray every day before night. I want to share about my experience my story. I went to church last Sunday was a rough morning but god came in me and settle me down. So I am searching for life groups and I went to one yesterday and I am usally afraid of big group but not anymore. So I was amazing, how much fun I had. So there was a miracle in life. There is two more I want to experience before I decide which one I wanted to stay with. I meet a lot of new people there and I would be shy at begin because I wasn’t know about it. But I am proud of conquer that goal I been afraid of for a while.

My list of adjectives: adorable, helpful, shy, kind