my style?

my style? - student project

I feel like my style is sort of all over the place! I'm having a hard time blending my preferred way to sketch--traditional pencil-and-paper--with whatever painterly style I'm beginning to develop now that I'm trying to do more digital work. I felt like one picture wasn't quite enough to show my "style", so I've added a few more to highlight the difference between the way I draw traditionally to the way I draw digitally (all of which contrast even more to the way I paint digitally, as seen in the cover photo). 

My 10 words: muted, rushed, character-focused, medium-detailed, semi-realistic, soft, neutral, messy, mellow, chunky.

my style? - image 1 - student project

my style? - image 2 - student project

The artists I admire tend to draw character-focused art with a clear story behind it (and they also tend to have sharper edges with smoother colors), so my challenge to myself is to draw 9 Saturday Evening Post-type "covers" for some characters, and to work on each one for a whole week. My goal is to try to tell stories with my portraits (rather than having the characters just stare at the viewer) and to spend a longer time on my coloring, lines, and details.