my project

my project - student project

Hello! First of all, thank you for this class Dylan! As a art student this was very helpful to put in practice what I have seen in theory.

The first board I made was about color

my project - image 1 - student project

I notice that there is, for one side, a preference for palettes with similar value among the colors and subtle contrast with vivid colors. As for other side, when constrast does appear, it happens mostly between cool tones and warm tones. What caught my eye is that I prefer a warm palette with cool accents or cool palette with warm accents. The balance between the two is quite assimetrical.

Then I went on with lines

my project - image 2 - student project

Lines are tricky for me, because I tend not to like them when they come as lineart for shapes, I find it distrcting. Here I observe a preference for more organic and woobly lines, as well as line complementing textures. Line has to be intentional and well positioned within a piece for me to like it and consider its use as an isolated element. 

And, finally, I made one about movement that tells me a bit about unity as well

my project - image 3 - student project

I found this one difficult to interpretate. But mostly I notice a single point perspect, and movement that guides the eye to one direction with little fuss about it. I also noticed that I like the up/down dynamic, when the eye is guided as in cycles. 


That's it! Thank you again for the class, I really enjoyed it and will keep this exercise in mind for when I feel lost among references and my art style evolution.