my new puppy


In January 2017, I lost my very special Chihuahua. The next day I was very depressed and I wanted to get help. So next day, I was doing worst but I was in the place for three days to get help that week. I am still getting help today but when I got out those three days that when we started searching for a Chihuahua for me. We found couple on Craiglist that I really like but I came up on get back to this puppy face picture. So my sister had training that weekend for her work and we drop her off at her training. We went to drive down to San Antino to found this puppy to see if he was the one. It took us four hours to find him, when I saw him he was snuggling with the other girl and was wondering why these people were here. But he was very adorable and looks at me. I knew he was the one for me, so when we left San Antino. We drove back to Austin think of name of this puppy. My mom said Levi and I really like that name. So his name is Levi. He loves to run around outside everywhere in sun. He love to played, chew and bite people. We are potting training him right now but he been such a good boy.  I am going to start walking him on the leash next month and get him trained. We got some chew toys for him but we don’t have any clue where he is put them. He has a buddy that is Italian Greyhound name Gyspy. He will follow her around everywhere, that they are two peas in pot. They play together and Gyspy is like his mommy dog that takes care of him while we are not here. He is still getting use to car rides, he usually really cried. There is a spot where he really likes to be. When we finished get him trained, when I go to get him trained for service dog.  Levi is going to be my service dog as when he is a little bit older. I am glad I found him, which he is very amazed to my life with all the stress that I have. He realized me to calm down emotional when I get very upset during the day for some reason. He love me know matter what. He is always there with me every step of the way. I am proud to said he my new baby and I love him.  I can’t not wait till he is my service dog to go everywhere with me.