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I'm self-taught.  NO art background what-so-ever.  My lettering story is long, plagued with surgeries, car accidents, and many failures, but loving the journey.  I took this class to learn how to vector my calligraphy.  I know NOTHING about photoshop...So, here's my first try-- after ink:

What an idiot I am...I got this far and spelled Calligraphy wrong!  Seriously?  This is not going well...

Ok, so I did a new one.  I think I like it.  Not sure about all the flourishes but I'm sure in the end I'll be happy and if not, I'll just do another one. The top right flourish looks too up-ity for me.


Ok, so here's a screenshot of me having figured out this gray vs. color thing. ;)

So, I took out the tittle betweent he trunks of the capital H.  Thinking that it cures the squished feelig it had before? I like the lowercase h and feel that changing it takes away from me being me.  I want to condense the lower part of that same h but am not sure if i can accomplish it in photoshop.  I've been busy working at my cabinetshop, that this is on the sideburner....hoping to have more time to work on it tomorrow...


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