Nicole Anderson

creative dreamer



my misadventures with visual design

I've never arranged a magazine layout so I decided to make that my challenge for the class project.

This mythical magazine will feature my own artwork, because why not? For my sketches I tried to vary the arrangement of elements to match each artwork style. I don't think it translated as well as it could, but I knew in my head what I wanted to do or start off doing.

For inspiration, browsing through my Bazaar and InStyle magazines weren't very...inspirational. Layout-wise at least. So I simply fell back on the principles and examples in the videos...which helped tenfold (duh Nicole).




I've used InDesign many times before, but this experience was different. The interface isn't as intuitive in my case as Photoshop or Illustrator, and I honestly didn't know how to create half the things I saw in my head, so a lot of time was spent Googling. I'm having fun nonetheless . Next I'll upload my spreads, and hopefully get some feedback?


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