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my latest design project

Still studying design. I want to show my design process to be able of understanding it from a global point of view

Process Summary and description

Motu is one of the Woohool project. Wool became the material to work with and part of our work was to find a property which could be potentially interesting to develop an interactive product. Being a project focused on interactivity, the decision of focusing in the user was evident.
All long this process the user is take into account to guide the project into a user based product. Among with this, several explorations were made related with wool related techniques and the integration of other technologies. This experimentation allowed having a broad range of alternatives when choosing the best way of translating the concept into a physical prototype.
One of the main issues addressed during the research for this project refers to the relationship between our emotions and wool. Intuitively wool can be related with feelings such as comfort and safety. Starting from this idea a free association test around the concept of wool was set up. It became clear that others share these associations as well. In an experimental setup it was tested which characteristics make wool more appealing for either sight or touch. The materials varied from industrial textiles to hand made felt in different thickness.
After this evaluation the concept focused on the phenomenon which occurs when moving to a new environment. We often find a discrepancy between our expected and achieved social interaction. This discrepancy leads us to feel lonely even though we are not necessarily alone. It becomes necessary then to find the benefit in having time on your own to not fall in loneliness. The personal space can be a valuable moment of meditation and introspection. This moment can be supported by creating a comfortable and safe situation.
In object oriented meditation most of these objects are dynamic. Observing how a candle changes gives enough information to our senses to keep focused. A candle and a landscape have this in common, both are everchanging and that is why they stay fascinating. In line with that Motu keeps changing when being touched.
As a result, Motu is made as a cuddling object which invites for a moment of meditation. The shape of Motu is meant to be embraced by the body and explored by your hands while your sight is absorbed by patterns continuously changing. This experience will allow the user to focus their senses in some external element, and at the same time allow your thoughts to flow.


I have two options for the structure of the Infography.

One is a kind of timeline in swirl shape. The idea is to represent a beginning and an end but always going around the final result/deliverable/product.

The other option (with the same concept about organizing it around the final result) is to categorize the activities by the way of processing the information, observing, sinthesizeing and materializing and link these activities with arrows that link the related activities. (I still need to design icons for each activity).


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