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Cecile Noldus

Animation Artist



my instagram style as an mixed-media artist

my instagram link

Here are 9 pictures from my instagram account. I trie to show a mix of the various things I do.


This is a character out of my animation film "Freddy´s Crazy Kitchen"


This is a textile collage " my magic eye", mixed textiles and embroidery. 


This is a pic I made during a research for my textile flowers.


This is a pillow used for art performances


This is me doing a performance


This is a recent experiment: making 3 dimensional patterns out of everyday things and objects.


This is a visual game on character designing out of everything around you


another 3 dimensional pattern


One more animation shot

I am a stop motion filmmaker, a visual artist and a character designer. Sometimes my work is colorful, sometimes it is more natural in its color palette. But it is most of the time about the soul of things. I try to mix various medias, my last experiment is to make 3- dimensional patterns with ordinary things. I want my Instagram account to look lively, creative and really me. I love to make small visual jokes and games on it. I see a lot of interesting profiles on Instagram, very inspiring!


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