my ideas + first draft

I haven't written creatively in 10+ year, uh oh

The perfect commuter:
I like to think that I’m the perfect commuter on public transport and that I have it all worked out, like when to start moving towards the door as my stop approaches, where to stand to not be in the way of others, how to stare blankly and not make awkward eye contact.
My idea is to write an internal monologue where I compare myself to other commuters and point out how they’re doing everything wrong. Riding the train with me can be tough.

How old was Johnny Utah?
I really like the movie Point Break and I have been wanting to learn how to surf for a while, though it hasn’t really progressed beyond searching for second-hand boards on craigslist. I’m in my late twenties now but I figure if Johnny Utah can learn to surf and infiltrate a gang of bank robbing surfers in the process then how hard can it be?
Assuming I actually buy a board and I plan to teach myself how to surf, hilarity will no doubt ensue and I’d write about what happens. Very light on details, I know.

One line ideas
- I wish I could wear pants that aren't jeans. I practiced the other day but I don't think it went very well.

- A eulogy for my favourite t-shirt. (hang in there, buddy)

- Coffee cart loyalties and the lengths I go to avoid hurting the feelings of the people who work at the one I used to go to.