my holiday down under pattern

my holiday down under pattern - student project

i learned a lot from this class, i've been learning affinity designer for a few months now & never really considered making patterns in it until i found this class. i use it on the ipad and desktop, i can transfer files easily and i love it! one off purchase, no subscriptions to adobe - bonus! i love that i can use it with vector and raster brushes too.

thanks liz, i finally figured out how to move things with the x & y axis thingies! plus i'd been setting up my docs in points & wondering why it didn't seem to be working (rolls eyeballs)

my holiday down under pattern - image 1 - student project

i entered it into a spoonflower challenge (retro postcards), they have great challenges on there - even if you just want to do it for the fun/practice...

here's the link in case anyone wants to check out the current challenges -

thanks liz!

edited to add:

i made another pattern utilising the imaengine app liz mentioned, what a handy app!

my holiday down under pattern - image 2 - student project