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my heart is wandering

20. March 2013

Thank you Kat and everyone in this class for the huge inspiration (and also a little bit of pressure and a timeline).

I felt very inspired and worked away at my first video portrait about signora aurora and my jewellery business. I already see a progress and think I improved my skills from the begin until the end of the video.

The Link doesn`t work like I want and my internet connection is very slow.

A wandering heart: video portrait

Hope you can see it and I will fix and upload the link and video very soon again!

15. March 2013

A video portrait about and around my jewellery business.

My head is overfull with ideas and I can't wait where this project will carry me. 

where i m from

Jewellery has for me a lot of connections with selflove. To accept yourself and feel comfortable in your body. 

a journel about selflove

roses are sweet from signora auorra

I'm not skilled at making videos but would love to tell storys in my future with moving pictures. I love to show the world to others with my eyes and make lots of photos all day long.


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