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I feel like my current handwriting is so horrendous. I start kind of ok but as time passes by, my writing becomes more and more irregular, inconsistent, unsatisfactory and a pain to look at. I need to give IELTS and I don't want my marks to get reduced just because the examiner couldn't understand my writing. the bottom picture is a word font but I really want my handwriting to look that way even when I write fast. I think it is very neat and beautiful. the spacing is amazing, the slant is perfect and the alphabets are so beautiful.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you.


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Wow! I have come so far in just 10 days. it's unbelievable. I wrote this at a normal speed and honestly, writing like this has become a habit now. I cant wait to see my writing get better :) Thank you Doris for such an amazing class!