my friend, brandon gerard, a visual and interactive storyteller/film maker/interactive producer's online portfolio.

hi everyone!

i wanted to share where im at with my friends portfolio, which he will be using as his application as he looks for his next gig this december on.  he is looking for a place that puts meaningful storytelling and craftsmanship first. it will be an evolving site so the plan is to help him evolve and grow his site throughout his career professionally and personally.  

right now, the content is there but i'm looking to elevate the styling and experience more to show more of his personality and aesthetic.  

take a look:  http://brandongerard.com/index.html

here are some more thoughts i have to achieve that:

HOME:  If i go with this style, I'd feel better with a series of center aligned clips displayed...3 clips on top - 3 clips on bottom.
I think the default image which is his showreel works in the context of a vimeo page, but not so much as the storefront of this page.  i'm looking for an immediate sense of heart, quirkiness, and warmth to the design.

RESUME: my eyes were fatigued reading this probably because of the font (share tech mono)...it needs to be stylized, whether it's done via a Timeline or infographic style...just needs a punch up.

ABOUT: i had the idea for him to communicate more about him through storyboards.  he'll be providing those assets in the next few days. 

let me know what you think and if you have any other thoughts on how i can make his portfolio better. otherwise, i'll be sending an update soon!

thank you!



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