my first lentil stew

my husband an son are really hard when is about food.

my son is a seven year old autistic boy that dont eat anything green.meats moist foods etc etc he diet basicly dry foods. I deside to try a new aproche so I made this lentis stew with ingredients from quebec the rest of canada and spices form overseas. the tomatoes are from my summer garden that I freeze.

basicly the ingredients are what I can find in this time of year'


olive oil,1 onions,6 medium potatoes, 3 carrots, small acorn squash, 1 cup aprox lentils, 2 tomatoes, 1 litre of tomato juice,salt,pepper,oregano,paprika, 2 or 3 porc saucisse.

chopped all ingredients first so is really fast to cooked .first add the oil to a sauce pan fried the saucisse chopped in rounds on 1cm when cook add the onions let them fry for like a minute, add the tomato finely chooped and the lentils that they wore soke in water for the night before to hydrate ( drain the water) add carrots and the tomato juice . add salt,pepper, oregano and paprika.

let simmer for 10 min and add the potatoes and acorn let simmer until vegetable soften

to my son to eat it I put the stew on the blender and I used it as a sauce for his pasta. he love it and my husband 


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