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Eva Haldane

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my first (cat) book

So this was the first book I made. I think it's pretty solid for the first book.  I grabbed the first cardstock I could find, turns out the weight was 110 lbs so it's crazy thick and not what I would want for a notebook.  None of the craft stores had chipboard, so I ended up putting wrapping paper on another piece of this cardstock to make the cover.  I liked this thickness for that.

I need to work on cutting the paper, I wasn't patient enought with that and the pages aren't all exactly the length and width.  The different is very small but I notice.  Also I used the AVC glue to glue the wrapping paper on the cover and you can see/feel the glue through it, so I should use a spray adhesive when I'm working with paper that thin. 

Other than that I loved making the notebook and look forward to making more.  Thanks for teaching this class, it was awesome.



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