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my environment through my iphone

Part 2 - processing..

It's been a crazy week - so didn't get to photograph as much as i would have liked. However Sydney did have a lot of tall ships in town last week - so managed  to 'snap' this on my way to the office.

Shooting into the sun was a gamble as it was hard to see, but at 8am it seemed striking so thought i'd just take a chance. used my iphone 4S through VSCO cam

then processed it through the app to this, the cropped instagram version...


I really related to waht Cubby said about seeing the same things everyday - as this is my usual experience. Although i'm constantly looking to see things differently. Yesterday i 'looked for the light'. VSCO cam was amazing - altho I couldn't upload the originals they kept uploading at 90 degrees rotated? so these are the instagram versions.

My day begin with sunshine at the bus stop

by lunchtime at my desk it was raining

crossing the Sydney Harbour bridge on the way home the light provided great reflections. This is one shot via VSCOcam sitting inside a moving bus taken with my iphone 4S.


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