my dupont circle favorites

my dupont circle favorites - student project

i will make this map to highlight favorite local spots to be used by those wanting to explore dc in a non-touristy way. i am a photographer, but also bilingual in japanese and english and tutor the local japanese community residing here temporarily (with their english). i know my students will be excited to use these maps as well.

a more long term goal- i will eventually like to post images of special places i visit. as a nice addition to images and links, i would love to use skills learned here to create maps showing where each location is in relation to others mentioned (within the same post). this will hopefully make it that much more approachable for those thinking to visit said places. ((as well as just look pretty))

i would love for my final project to be digital (everything digital tends to look so much cleaner!), but i truly have no idea how to make that happen.. and, it will most likely be displayed online as opposed to being held in one's hands.

i will include street names and the names of businesses. i like the idea of imbedding links to each business included.

dear class, i will especially need your guidance in going digital with my map. help. :b


animal vs. abstract artist quiz- i scored a 42%. soo fascinating!!!

assignment 1: hand drawn map.

this is unrelated to my final project, but was fun to draw out. this is a map from my home to the local japanese grocery store i often visit.

my dupont circle favorites - image 1 - student project

assignment 2: study layout, colors, line thickness, etc. of a small segment of an already existing map.

us simplified by patrick mahoney i really looked at the whole map, but i love the use of simple shapes here. (photo links to the source)

my dupont circle favorites - image 2 - student project

a favorite tote bag - simple photo taken with my iphone. this tote bag features a map of dc, but if you look closely, it is not a perfect print job (color is chipping etc) and they chose to include the silhouette as opposed to including major streets or landmarks. even as a local, i have trouble following along. but i love the simple black and white design.

originally purchased through -

my dupont circle favorites - image 3 - student project

final project: my dupont circle favorites.

you can see my final project here.

unfortunately, tumblr was a bit glitchy and the formatting is not as consistent as i would like. i used some already existing photos i had taken with my iphone, but hope to go back with a friend and do a real shoot when i have a little more time. ((something to look forward to))

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