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my day

1. I wake up and check my phone

2.I make breakfast oatmeal

3. I get dressed and come my hair and get ready for the day

4 .I go and exercise

5.I meditated i connect with the  force of life 

6.then I go and get dinner

7.I go meet my family

8.I go home and chicken computer and wash my clothes

9.I check my mail go to the computer. 

10.I make myself a healthy smoothie

11.I go meet my friends.

12.I connect to myself through my friends I can reflect my self in those remind me of myself

13.we go on train.

14.I go to spa 

15.the go home I make dinner with my son

16.i connect with my son

17. I check the compute

18. I brush my teeth and clean up with my son

19.I think for a day .

20.I go to sleep



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