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Dana Zamir




my coloe scheme

this is the first step of the project.

i add inspiration to each palette.

this palette is intended to be for evil character. i was looking for poison features. in this image there are also texture inspiration:


the second palette is more for an ordinary character, but bold. this is why i chose orange,not everyone likes and connect to this color , also ginger people considered as unique:


this is the version of the first color pallete:


Matt is a little more mellow, kind of the thug or a minion. so i used blue for his skin. it still maintain the poison/ bad character theme.

this the version of the 2nd palette:


For me those colors give this 'winning team' feel. because Mindy's expression and posture, i made her red head- it adds to her attitude .

blue is a colors both sex can relate, this is way in this version is the dominant color.


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