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trying out white ink on shimmer paper (the photo is not quite telling). i am using pigment ink today but i would like to see if white calligraphy ink will work better. pigment ink seems to be a bit too thick - although i've been adding droplets of water every now and then, the ink doesn't flow very well especially with the thin upstrokes. oh - the nib snags quite a bit on the paper too. i hope the actually card will be better.



my first experience on calligraphy with pointed nibs. i'm using slightly different tools to the ones molly recommended. but they work really well for me so i thought i should share here too:

sumi ink - many calligraphers recommended this for beginners and it really is very easy to use and writes beautifully.

carrot olique holder - i find it very difficult to write with a stright holder. as i am planning to learn copperplate calligraphy too, i bought an olique holder as well. this particular one is fatter than the usual holders and is designed for writers with joint or arthritis problems. i really don't feel tired at all and no stiff fingers like i normally do after writing for an hour or so. maybe i should get a carrot straight holder for my broad edge nibs too. 

the calligraphy tools are purchased from paper & ink arts. i live in sydney and i wish there were smiliar shops here that stock a good range of calligraphy tools so it's easier if i want to try out new nibs or inks...

my first project is to write place cards for my friend's wedding. i will be writing lots for names for a while :)

tracing from molly's template


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