my balcony garden

my balcony garden - student project

i took this class douring the corona lockdown, so the only botanical garden i could visit was my balconymy balcony garden - image 1 - student projecti first drew this scene with gouache then added details with smaller brush. but the shades weren't balanced so i darkened some areas with pencil.
my balcony garden - image 2 - student projectthen i drew this smaller scene which allowed me to add more details and textures my balcony garden - image 3 - student projectsome of my plants.

i felt that in a way i didn't do the class, because i kept a normal perspective (not perfect) and i wanted to try the endless space feeling of sara's painting, so i painted to more versions with imaginery plants

my balcony garden - image 4 - student projectmy balcony garden - image 5 - student projectthanks!

Tom Nevat

landscape architect and illustrator