my attempt

my attempt - student project

Hello! This is my attempt. 

First version, with butterfly light. I know I still have much to learn! 
Seeing our own mistakes is so difficult, so please leave your critiques if you like :)my attempt - image 1 - student project



second version! I tried something different. What I think is that I really need to practice with digital portraits using a reference, before trying from my imagination.
Anyway... I began this class... let's finish it! ^^ Maybe I'll do it again, in the future

my attempt - image 2 - student project


Edit 3:

Hello!!!! And here I am with the third version: light from below!
I sincerely was tempted to give up with this... but I didn't! Watching again at my first attempt, I must say I'm quite happy with the result. There's nothing like practicing! 
Keep on guys!!!!! :D

my attempt - image 3 - student project