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my 90's map


I really had a hard time doing this. Cause i don't remember liking a show or book so much that it could influence me when i was little. i loved a lot shows but none that stood out. The only thing i really remember i was really hyped about where the bedtime stories of my dad. He would tell the adventure of font the mole. They where awesome ^^ So i asked my mom and she said the same. So i asked more questions like was there a movie i would always put on.

And that's where i found my number 1: Ferngully thinking back i loved it and i still do. 

also from my childhood is pokemon. it was fun to play with my friends with the pokemon cards and talk about the serie

The doodah song in number 6 is something that i still remember. This was at a "prehistoric time " before the internet. And i loved the song more for the videoclip than the song itself. I remember that my dad noticed this and asked what are you going to do if they stop showing the video. I answered that i would always remember the videoclip if i hear the song.And guess what i still remember it XD

all the other are when i was older. I was a total an girl for winx club and avatar. But because i was at the age most teenager found animated things uncool i hided it. ( 12- 15) still fan of avatar even now ^^

On number 5 is anime. I loved a lot of anime from the girly anime to the boyish anime. The two i show here where the two first anime ever seen.

Kids next door is a serie i totally loved. I loved the idee of children against evil grown ups. Cause lets be honest we all knew at least one evil grown up. 

Last but not least there's treasure planet. When this video came in the cinema there was something that said that this movie could only be seen in the cinema. After the movie was done i was sad that it would never come out on dvd. Guess my happiness when it did. And it still is one of my favorite movies

So after making this i notice some similarity's. Looks like most of these things are about an adventure and are in a fantasie dimension or world. I don't know if it would describe my style but i guess it's a start XD Thank you for your awesome lesson. It was fun making this XD 

Greetz Nathalie

P.S sorry if my English is bad. 


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