my 5 images.

my 5 images. - student project

hi all! my name is meredith, & my instagram account is @craftedfragments.


i've struggled for a long time to keep a consistent "theme" with my account (which resulted in me deleting all of my photos & starting all over...). i absolutely love bright & vivacious color, & i love to keep my photos vibrant. but it did end up placing me in a box, & i felt frustrated that a photo of a cup of coffee didn't stand up to my other photos because it wasn't colorful enough. i tend to edit all of my photos with the same few filters, but the look can always vary. i've just personally been working on allowing myself to post what i want to post, instead of putting myself in a box with rules about what i should photograph. but of course, there's the balance of wanting to get my content out there as well, which seems to require more rigidly. anyway, these photos are probably a good example of what i typically photograph & how i typically edit. hope you enjoy, & i would appreciate any & all advice!


my 5 images. - image 1 - student project

my 5 images. - image 2 - student project

my 5 images. - image 3 - student project

my 5 images. - image 4 - student project

my 5 images. - image 5 - student project