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mugs & cups


Before starting out with my mood board, I like to create some sort of direction or a map of my ideas. So, I have put together this chart to help me map my thoughts about what I want the collection to look like or feelings I want to portray. I find that this make my moldboard easier to create, and more focused. From here I will start colleting my images.


My mood board focused more on the shapes of vintage mugs and teacups, the more ornate the better. I also added some patterns and colors. While most of my sketching will focus on the overall shape of the cup, I will also getting some general patterns to put on the mugs.

As I am typing this, I am starting to think that adding patterns to the mugs will get a little too busy. What do you guys think? Should I focus more on the shape of the cups, or will adding a pattern to the mugs give me a more complete collection in the end? I have a tendency to overly complicate things.



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