mrcg - student project

Mount Rainier Community Garden is on 31st St b/t Windom and Arundel in Mount Rainier MD. It’s a place for people to grow food & nurture a sense of community


The Mount Rainier Community Garden group began meeting in the Spring of 2012 with nothing more than optimism and a common interest in starting a community garden for our small city. There was a desire to create a place where those with no outdoor space or those who do not have ideal space to grow food in their yard.

During the planning stages, the garden we desired would be a welcoming place to grow food, friendships and help educate both children and adults in the basic practices of gardening . It would be organic. It would be sustainable. It would be diverse and welcoming to all members of our community.

The City of Mount Rainier allowed us to use a small grassy space near a newly renovated park on 31st street, between Windom and Arundel. Over the Winter, a small, core group helped develop the garden guidelines, build compost bins, explore funding options and look at ways to reach out to the residents of the apartment complexes.

As the spring of 2013 arrives, we finally "get dirty", begin to establish plots and turn over the soil. There are plans to hold monthly work-days where the garden will be developed, shared spaces and projects worked on. Hopefully, we will be able to hold gardening workshops that would be open to all (both MRCG gardeners and the general public) in hopes to help those interested in organic gardening.