(mostly) M. Graham Split Primary Gouache Palette

(mostly) M. Graham Split Primary Gouache Palette - student project

I ended up going with M. Graham for my primary brand because it's the most affordable of the artist grade brands accessible to me here in the Eastern US. I ordered 6 tubes from Blick to make a split primary, and squeezed some into a Mijello palette with a little vegetable glycerin to help with cracking. I also already had a tube of Winsor & Newton permanent white gouache & a black watercolor paint by White Nights I added to the palette to save a bit of money. I'm loving playing with them so far! My only regret is that the pyrrol red isn't particularly warm, but since bright orange isn't a color I use often it's working just fine for now. My phone camera also didn't quite pick up the vibrancy of the mixing chart - it's very bold & bright in person!! (mostly) M. Graham Split Primary Gouache Palette - image 1 - student project