mosaic - student project



I really wanna do another piece closer together. I wanted to start but I don't have a lot of patience so when I do another one I will grab a smaller piece of paper. You can tell I was done by the yellow/orange part because I wanted to finish and I painted over my pencil which is sad haha ( I did this in one sitting) I'm also not to sure about the yellow piece. It's missing something and I don't know what. Im thinking maybe some red glacing but Im not sure if that will work for a mosaic piece. Tips are welcome please!  ( second photo is an updated version but im still not sure about the orange or yellow. I wanted to go for complementary colors but somehow I'm not feeling it in this piece and I can see so clearly that I wasn't feeling it anymore in the bottom half lol I guess practice and patience makes perfect! ) 

mosaic - image 1 - student project


mosaic - image 2 - student project