more ideas than time

As I started drafting my life list, I noticed that it was all about two things: enjoying the journey and finding balance. I need to add more creativity and substance to my life without sacrificing my family and the little things that we all need to do each day. 

Here's a start at my life list on gomighty:

The stories are a work in progress. One of my goals is to become a better writer and I think this process is a great beginning for that. Another of my goals is to create and/or participate in a community of creative thinkers. This class has been a great start for that as well. I wish this class was longer than one week so that I would have the time to read everyone's materials AND hone my list. 

I have a list running of about 40 things. Am trying to prioritize and will be adding to gomighty as we go.  Good luck to everyone. Now I am going to start reading other projects!


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