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Juan carlos Flores

Cg artist





I wanted to start with something simple so I did some sketches.




Then I choose this one since it felt nice =)


Here things got tricky. Its really hard to find a variety of colours or different tones where I live (ecuador). So I tried to do my best with what I found nearby and this one came. It means whatever carboard I found with the glue available and the other kind of blade (the thin one, not the round one)


I didn´t like it so I went further to a bigger shop to see If I could get better materials. I found out that packages with coloured paper didn´t have more than 10 colours max regardless of the producer. Each one had basically the same colours but every package had different tones depending on the make. Also is way cheaper like that (3 packs of 10 pages with different colours for $3, but picking every colour individualy cost $2 a single sheet of paper!) So I bought 3 different packs, a more usable gum. I couldn´t afford the blade =( 

And this is attempt nº2


Its a lot closer to what I imagined. So finally I thought "well lets add just a couple touches in photoshop" First I erased that white line in the purple area below. I realized that the purple paper is not purple. The edges became white after cutting and I didn´t like that. And added 2 gradients to enhance the mood of the scene (hopefully).


It´s not perfect but hey, first try! I better apply what I learned on the next one (with more depth and stuff)


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