mood board ideas and inspiration.... a few pics...

My personal favorite portraits

Ari Marcopoulos

Dante Ross

my materal grandmother in Quito, Ecuador

Party Supplies

some of the images that inspire me (I lean more towards people in their own setting than studio, want to work on that as well... sorry for the late entry....)

Ivory Serra...

Ari Marcopoulos, subculture and youth

Vladimir Milivojevich aka Boogie... pretty direct and to the point with his work, the underside of society... You may not know the people in the images, but you can relate to them if you're from that environment or see it for what it is if you're not...

Ricky Powell, just cause he makes it happen... He put himself where he needed to be and documented his life as he lived it.

the two below are mine, Neal and Rodney.... if you skated in the late 90s, you know these two... For me, its easy to shoot who and what I know and I want to get past that and find the same comfort outside of my circle.

I guess I don't do portraits in the normal sense and fall more into the event photography "box"... Trying to get more out of that area and better understand portraits and lighting for portraits.


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